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after weeks of legal back and forth, the state's allowed to use a federal database to remove noncitizens from the voter rolls. critics say this process targets poor and minority voters. but florida's governor says it's going to help improve the election process. john zarrella reporting from miami. >> reporter: for months state of florida wrangling with the federal government over access to a federal database. now this federal database has lists of people who are in the country legally but not eligible to vote. well, over the weekend, florida and the department of homeland security finally arrived at an agreement which will allow florida access to that database so that it can go through and look for people in the state who probably shouldn't be on the voter rolls. now, governor rick scott said this morning on cnn that this was, in fact, an important step. >> i don't know anybody, any supervisor of election or anybody in the state thinks nonu.s. citizens ought to be voting our races. it's good for all of the citizens. >> reporter: officials will have to be trained on exactly how to use tha
that can travel with us. anywhere in the country. [ male announcer ] join the millions of people who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >>> i'm suzanne malveaux and this hour in the "cnn newsroom," we are focusing on the courtroom hearing of the suspect in the colorado massacre, and focusing on mitt romney's trip overseas and the olympics. and now, the suspect in the colorado massacre returned to court today to face charges including first-degree murder. james holmes is the graduate student who is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 38 others. the hearing for holmes wrapped up in the last half hour. i want to brin
i want to bring in ed lavandara who is joining us from centennial, colorado. ed, walk us through the charges that he is faced with. >> sure thing, suzanne. essentially, james holmes has been charged with 142 criminal counts. 24 counts of first-degree murder and 116 counts of attempted murder, and essentially, that is doubled up on the number of victims inside of that movie theater. remember, 12 people killed an 58 people who were wound and taken to hospitals. now the legal reason behind that according to the paperwork we have received is that they were able to file double the charges on each of those victims, because number one, prosecutors say it was a planned attack, and premeditated and also because james holmes showed an extreme indifference towards the people he was killing, and that is that he did not matter who he was killing, but shooting indiscriminantly into the movie theater. because off that, that gives them the legal basis to file double the counts against james holmes. there is also one count of possessing explosives and one count which is a sentence enhancer becaus
's nomination, how far will he go to win the white house? will ferrell and zach galifianakis are with us like to talk about their new movie. wolf blitszer is off. i'm joe johns. you're in "the situation room." >>> right now mitt romney's on his way home from an overseas trip his campaign is calling a great success even though it generated embarrassing headlines at every stop. latest came today in poland when one of romney's top aides cursed at reporters asking questions. one of them was our jim acosta, who joins us from warsaw. jim, what happened today that the romney team sounds upbeat despite all that's been going on? >> reporter: well, joe, a senior romney advisor told reporters here in warsaw that mistakes do happen out on the campaign trail. but when asked what mistakes were made on this overseas trip, that advisor couldn't name any. instead the campaign says the world got to hear from a candidate who they say speaks from the heart. it's the image mitt romney has wanted voters to see for the last week. the gop contender walking tall on the world stage here visiting poland's tomb of the u
? >> definitely seen gradual changes as i'm sure you have. look, i've had to use my former cheerleading voice many times to get a question to presidents and to candidates for president. but i've had to do that more and more as has jim over the years because, look, i mean it's just the world that we live in from their perspective that with twitter, the internet, with everything going viral immediately, it's hard for them to say anything without altering the message that they're trying to get out that day. having said that, it is frustrating having been a reporter on several presidential campaigns, you're there, you're going on the bus, you're going off the bus, you're sitting through every speech. and you want to have access to the candidate to be able to ask them questions. and especially at the end of a trip like this where you're really going full bore and you don't have a chance to ask anything, that's what happens when you really try to ask. and you have to be careful of your surroundings, but you got to do your job. >> gloria, and i have to ask you, in the big picture, how important is this r
. since then he has been held in jail in isolation. jim spellman is joining us from centennial, colorado, and no cameras in the courthouse for today's hearing and tell us why first of all and walk us through what we expect to happen. >> sure. this hearing is under way right now, suzanne. no cameras in the courtroom and the judge decided before last week's hearing that in the early portion of the proceeding he would allow a camera for the initial appearance and the arraignment that should come in a couple of days. there is a sketch artist in there and full of reporters including cnn's eddie lavendara who will come down as soon as we know what is going to happen. first, he will be read the formal charges and from court documents that is 12 counts of first-degree murder and numerous attempts of first-degree murder and numerous counts around the boo booby-trapped apartment me left. and also they will decide if the notebook to the psychiatrist is privileged and the defense will argument to unseal some of the documents in the case that have been sealed. as soon as he is out here, we will be ou
how science is helping people with mental and substance use disorders. joining us in our panel today are dr. h. wesley clark, director, center for substance abuse treatment, substance abuse and mental health services administration, u.s. department of health and human services, rockville, maryland; dr. thomas mclellan, director, center for substance abuse solutions, philadelphia, pennsylvania; dr. alexandre laudet, director, center for the study of addictions and recovery, national development and research institutes, incorporated, new york, new york; dr. candace peterson, associate scientist, evaluation shared service, university of wisconsin population health institute, madison, wisconsin. dr. clark, what does research to practice mean and what does it mean for a methodology or a practice to be evidence-based? research to practice is a concept that captures the evolvement in the research community with regard to various aspects of, in this case, substance abuse or mental health care in an effort to increase the ability to positively affect the individual who's affected by it.
, must be because i was just so smart. there are a lot of smart people out there. bill: take us into the mind frame for a comment like that. white house would come out and argue and i imagine they will government has a purpose and that was the point the president was trying to make. the point you're making this goes back to his days a as community organizer. explain that. >> well, i think in essence when you're a community organizer you're basically dealing with a lot of people disadvantaged you're trying to get them government assistance or welfare checks or whatever and the other part of the story though is that people who are creating jobs are getting up every day and going to work and working very, very hard. this should be a campaign celebrating the american worker. his story in itself is successful story. bill: president obama. >> president obama. i think to certain extent but reflect as mindset. it is the mindset the contrast between what romney and his campaign will be about. we can again become a great leader of the world as we always have been. we can get americans bac
and the nature of the care he received from the psychiatrist. >> okay. thank you, jim. he will bring us any information as it happens there. >>> and now to india which is hit with one of the worst blackouts in a decade. we are talking about staggering numbers of 350 million people across the northern part of the country left in the dark essentially in sweltering summer heat which is more than the entire population of the united states. that is right. that is how many people. at least 300 trains were stranded when the power grid gave out overnight. >>> and north korea reported that 88 people are dead and more than 60,000 left homeless after torrential rains. rains have been destroying buildings and crops. humanitarian groups are working within the country and they are saying that people are now severely mall nourish and the rain is continuing to fall today. >>> mitt romney talking tough on iran. he pledges unwavering support for israel, and he promises to move the american embassy to jerusalem. romney has wrapped up the visit to israel, and he is now in poleland, and that is the final leg on
's going on in this case now. >> ed lavandera on the scene for us as he's been right from the beginning. thank you. elsewhere, in maryland, police say the fbi are now investigating an abduction with ties to the baseball legend cal rib ken jr. his mother was found safe this morning almost 24 hours after being taken from her home at gunpoint. cnn's lisa sylvester's working the story for us. what happened here, lisa? >> hi there, wolf. what we know is this all started about 7:00, 8:00 yesterday morning when a man apparently approached and went to violet ripken's house and abducted her at gunpoint. he then according to authorities spent most of the day driving around in her car throughout central maryland. and it was only until around 8:30 last night when there was a citizen in the neighboring county, in baltimore county, who saw a suspicious vehicle. he called it in to county authorities. and at that point it was that tip that eventually led to violet ripken being found this morning unharmed back near her house in aberdeen. she was however bound. authorities at this point are not clear wha
a lake in the search for two cousins, missing since friday. the family joined us, live, all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today. >> but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, police in alabama say they have the man they suspect of turning a crowded college bar into a bloody and chaotic mess. according to the cops, off the university alabama campus the gunman fired a military-style assault rifle into the bar through a window after midnight and shot at people as they ran or crawled away. police say the shooter hit at least 11 people critically injuring one. we have surveillance video that shows the suspect calmly walking to the bar with a gun. the suspect turned himself in moments ago in jasper, alabama. >> he went to a business in jasper and told the individuals at the business would he was and he was being sought in connection with the shooting shd he called the police department. >> miss have not yet file charges. and now, live from cuss -- from the city. what do we know? >> not much. the police are not going for release his identity and they will
's ed lavandera is in aurora for us. ed, what do we know about this package? >> reporter: well, we're still trying to gather information on what exactly is inside that package, wolf. but as you mentioned that law enforcement official telling cnn that on monday police and fbi discovered a package that was apparent apparently sent by james holmes, the 24-year-old suspected gunman. now it's unclear obviously if this package was indeed sent by him, it was clearly sent before he was taken into custody. it arrived at some point on monday at the university mail room. we've also been told by hospital officials over the last couple of days this is something we've been monitoring for some time that there were two packages that were suspicious and were being looked into, one found in the mail room and also one that was actually delivered to a university professor. so we've been trying to nail down more information on this. and we'll continue to do so, wolf. >> what's the university of colorado saying about all of this, ed? >> reporter: well, now that the details have come out that this packag
and use it to strengthen our commitment to each other. >> to the families of those gathered here today, we remain here for you. our community is here for you. colorado is here for you and always will be. >> the senseless and evil act of violence left many of us wondering how and why this could happen. these questions arise when the everyday securities and certainties of life, the trust we carry in our fellow human beings, that we can go safely to work each day or go to school or to the movies are shaken. it's natural for us to wonder why does this kind of suffering happen and what does it really mean. martha: boy, indeed it is. those are the big questions this morning and police say that the 24-year-old suspect, james holmes is refusing to cooperate ahead of his court appearance which happens this morning. right now he is in solitary confinement. alicia acuna is live outside the courthouse in centennial, colorado, where this will play out in next couple hours. how is this expected to go? >> reporter: this could all be over with in five minutes or less. this is just the beginning of the pro
. i talked to the secretary and we are better off, i don't talk to those people because we used to do training and security. we know. the fact is we are not any safer than we were before 9/11. >>shepard: the goal is to make us "feel" safer? >>guest: absolutely, like what bush did by putting two guys holding empty m-16's at the gates right after 9/11. all for show. >>shepard: well that is a dose of reality. nice to see you again, thank you, mike. >> one of the largest banks now accused of helping terrorists and drug dealers move billions and believe it or not, trillions of dollars. and the government agency responsible for watching that bank did nothing. that's next. also, the united states has doublinged the number of mine sweeping ships in the persian gulf. what is the pentagon expecting? the medicare debate continues in washington... ...more talk on social security... ...but washington isn't talking to the american people. [ female announcer ] when it comes to the future of medicare and social security, you've earned the right to know. ♪ what does it mean for you and your fa
of speculation as to who is to blame for this. elise is covering this story for us. israel is blaming iran for this. why is that? >> reporter: in recent months they say the israelis have th thwarted atakes. they say they have indications it could be iran. they are saying the explosion was the result of a bomb in a tourist bus. the bus exploded from a bomb within. eyewitnesss are describing accounts of seeing victims on the ground. the defense minister left no doubt about who the israelis think it was. let's take a listen. >> this is clearly a terrorist attack initiated by probably jihad or any other group under either iran or other groups. we're in a continued fight against them. we're determined to identify who sent them and executed it and settle the account. >> reporter: don, we have to note this is to the date exactly 18 years after the bomb attack on the jewish community building in argentina. they say that was the work of iran and they say are under attack they feel under attack. >> you mentioned this is the 18th anniversary of that bombing. i want to read this statemen
lavandera is joining us now once again from aurora, colorado. ed, what else are you learning? there are new developments emerging even as we speak. >> reporter: well, there's a great deal going on behind the scenes, but now there's a great effort to make sure that the principle players and many of the people involved in these investigations no longer speak publicly about what is going on. the judge issuing a gag order. ever since that has happened, it's become much more difficult to be able to report on this story and to keep up with what is going on. but we're told a few days ago by the police chief here in aurora that today, tuesday, would be the day defense attorneys would get a chance to go through the movie theater to do their own analysis inside the movie theater and gather their own evidence as they continue or begin the process of working on their case of to be able to defend james holmes, the 24-year-old suspect in this case. and then at some point tomorrow the theater would be turned back over to the company that owns it. and what happens to it after then is very much up in the ai
. the grant that he was using to go to attend college here in the denver area gave him a stipend, a monthly stipend of almost $2,200 a month. his rent in the apartment complex we had shown you from what we've been able to gather could be anywhere between $600 and $900 a month. so had some money left over. and the question is whether or not some of that money, that grant money that came from the national institute of health might have been used to buy the weaponry and the explosives in this case. so that is a question we know investigators are also taking a much closer look at, wolf. >> ed, it's now been more than 24 hours since the victims' families and their families saw holmes in that courtroom. they've had a little sense to digest what they saw, that red hair, that dazed look from time to time, what kind of reaction are you seeing anecdotally from folks you are speaking with right there on the scene in aurora? >> reporter: i think from the people who have been most closely injured and hurt not only physically but emotionally with the loss of loved ones and that sort of thing, there is a
place is closes to what was the u.s. embassy before it closed earlier this year. a number of other embassy not to mention where the president himself resides. there's been conflicting information as to who and what was responsible. syrian state television saying it was a terrorist suicide bomber, possibly one of the body guards of one of those present at this emergency crisis meeting. one coming out saying this was a by-product where they managed to place an explosive device inside where this meeting was taken place. some activists throwing in a lot of speculation as well. they are saying this was the syrian regimes undertaking to give it an excuse to crack down across the capital. there's been fierce battles across all of damascus creeping ever closer to the president's seat of power. there's opinion reports of shelling, clashes and more disturbingly just reports that pro-government thugs with knives are going through slaughtering residents. it's not an indication that the government is in control. >> thank you very much. today's attack through an unusual candid response from the
of the societal issue of child abuse. >> cnn's susan candiotti is joining us now. louis freeh led this study. it was very, very bitter and damming. >> reporter: it was, wolf. right out of the gate, louis freeh made it clear that children were victimized because four top penn state officials did nothing to stop jerry sandusky. and named names including a man's name synonymous with penn state university, the late coach joe paterno. from the moment jerry sandusky was marched before the public branded a predatory pedophile, a troubling question lingered, what did those at penn state university do to stop him? now the public has an answer. >> our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for the safety and welfare of sandusky's child victims by the most senior leaders at penn state. >> reporter: louis freeh, hired by the university to investigate its role in the jerry sandusky scandal delivered a scathing 267-page report. 430 interviews, 3.5 million pieces of evidence adding up to one major finding about what they did with evidence of child rape. >> the most powerful people in pe
this tragedy. she's live with us. take us back to what happened in douma on june 29th. >> reporter: the reason why it's taken three weeks to get our hands on that video is because the activists that wanted to shoot it were stuck there for well over a week and it was an ordeal to get the footage from damascus to us here in lebanon. we have to warn that the images are disturbing. the power is out in the streets. the three activists don't dare shine a light. there's a sniper lurking. gunfire in the distance forces them to pick up the pace. the activists are part of the oppositions media operation. they smuggled themselves into the damascus suburb last month and risked their lives to document this. a massacre said to have taken place just hours earlier. among the corpses strewn about, that of a little girl. a man points to one of bodies and says he was executed, a civilian. points to a second corpse and adds this is his cousin, shot because he tried to save him. residents are readying the bodies for burial. blood soaking through the funeral sheets. the names of the deceased scrawled. it's a grim r
york times." today i had a chance to conduct the first-ever public in-depth interview with u.s. navy admiral who planned the raid that killed osama bin laden. admiral william mcraven may not be a household name, but as you're about to see, he's a genuine u.s. hero. this is the guy who's sitting right here who had the guts to tell the commander in chief we should do it, let's do it. and when you ordered that raid and when you said -- you didn't even know for sure that bin laden was abbottabad at that compound about a mile or so away from the west point of pakistan, did you? >> let me make one thing clear, i didn't order the raid. >> but he told the president of the united states that he thought he could do it. [ laughter ] >> i mean, and this is not a small point. the fact of the matter is it was the president of the united states that ordered the raid. >> and he deserves an enormous amount of credit for that decision. >> he does. [ applause ] >> and when he came to the head of special operations, that would be you, and said what do you think? what did you say? >> well, first, i will
at these new numbers. joe is joining us now from his old hometown of columbus, ohio. what's going on there, joe? >> reporter: that's right, wolf. well, things are starting to look better here in the buckeye state, but i have to tell you that cnn orc poll indicates that nationwide one thing is clear, the number one issue on voters' minds happens to be jobs and the economy. the november election may come down to a key question, which candidate is better able to handle the economy? a brand new cnn orc national poll suggests voters haven't made up their minds. president obama and republican mitt romney are in a dead heat well within the margin of error. >> what a president believes matters. >> reporter: today the obama campaign rolled out another ad in crucial swing states like riegtd here in ohio calling romney an outsourcer during his time running bane capital. it's part of a strategy to erode one of romney's key strengths. so far our polling shows independent voters crucial in this election prefer the presumptivive republican nominee on the economy by 11 points. part of the sale the obama campai
americans feel about issue number one, the u.s. economy. just ahead, the skyrocketing optimism revealed in our brand new cnn orc poll. and the surprising divide over which candidate they think will do a better job. also, a stunning turn in the strained relationship between the united states and pakistan. the pakistani government reopening a critical supply route for the united states and its allies as the secretary of state, hillary clinton, apologizes for the deadly nato attack that ultimately shut down that supply route. >>> and it's not a hose or shovel, but it's a laptop. why computers are now a cutting edge tool in the battle against the raging colorado wildfires. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> first to our brand new cnn orc polls. this is issue number one, the economy. and a surprising jump in the number of americans who believe the economy will eventually get better. take a look at this. when asked about what economic conditions will be like next year, 60% now say they believe they will be good compared to only 39% who say conditions will be poorer. last fa
and the loss of lives has only increased, which tells us that this is a situation that is rapidly spinning out of control. >> in these circumstances, it is ever more imperative that the international community including all players who have influence bring pressure to bear on the assad regime to implement in full the annan plan to stabilize the country and allow an orderly transition of power. >> so hala, you have even general secretary ban ki-moon speaking out against this, and you the world united saying this is awful and chaos. what will it take do you think before you have world leaders who are going to take a more active role in intervening? >> well, the world is the united is saying that it is awful, but the world is certainly not united in how to approach and solve the crisis. you have on the one hand russia and china and then the western powers. at 3:00 p.m. there was a u.n. security council vote to condemn the actions in syria, and russia did not want the sanctions included, but western powers did. we have heard from two sources that kofi annan has asked the united kingdom and france
out these types of massacres. it's difficult for us to determine fact exactly what is happening because the government is not allowing us access into the country. it continues to claim it is fighting these terrorist organizations with some sort of foreign agenda. >> that's why this tape was so important to underscore the humanitarian crisis and tragedy at the same time. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >>> we've got a lot more to cover this hour. take a look. still in clues, still no answers. >> it's just baffling to try to figure out the pieces to the puzzle. looking at it, it doesn't make any sense. >> it's as though they disappeared in thin air in broad daylight. >> family members brace for the worst. >>> two armed men storm into a florida cafe ordering everyone to the ground. just when you thought that was the end of it, this guy comes to the rescue. >>> another unbelievable rescue caught on video. a 7-year-old girl falls from a third story window right into the armies of a hero. >> she was still standing there. i just positioned myself. hopefully i would catch her. i'm
as 24-year-old james holmes who lived in aurora. as we just told us, his home is booby-trapped at this time. they are right now trying to work to disarm some flammable or explosive material that is inside that apartment. there is a live look for you right now as they continue to work to do this. police say the gunman wore a bulletproof vest. also a gas mask as he detonated gas canisters and opened fire on a crowded theater early this morning in colorado. cell phone video shows the chaos is terrified moviegoers come out of the movie plots. here now, are the sites and sounds of this nightmare. >> there are explosions behind me and i thought it was just a normal practical joke. >> there are people shot right now. there are people running out of fear that her shot. >> guys come running in, running through the theaters and the exit and he is like, don't go out in the lobby. someone is shooting people out there. >> one of my friends got scammed by a bullet on the neck. he is okay. he was at the hospital. another one of my friends just got a bullet slammed him in him on the le
the people on the ground because what's hard for us so to get a birds eye view. we can get from one neighborhood to the other an idea of what's going on but it does, if you look at all these neighborhoods but in many the rebels do control major arteries and major streets. these are local fighters. as i was telling you yesterday you hear from their accents, these are people from aleppo. they are in their own neighborhood. sometimes they are hit and run operations. you'll see them go into the old quarter, hold the street for an hour or longer. you'll see the video of that and it will appear as though they are occupying central aleppo but probably not. >> let's back up for a second. we've talked and i think it's important to reiterate that the geographic significance. you have lebanon, israel, jordan, iraq smack down in the middle is syria. >> this is the other side of the equation. you have iran on one side that is a friend of this assad regime that wants to keep the country in its fear. making sure for them that the bashar assad regime goes down and doesn't have an ally is the most i
will use comparisons to ancestors alive today. not everyone is happy. we eleven you with that. here is shepard. >>shepard: thank you very much. the news begins anew on "studio b." russian and china stops action against the murderous regime in syria. like it would have helped. and it sparked strong words from the united states. that is ahead. and a new jobless report claims that fueling fears of economic slow down is upon us. but, the jobs data may have more to do with seasonal changes not auto industry. context and perspective coming up. a new investigation into mr. hot tub's former organization. the general services administration accused of spending nearly $300,000 on an awards ceremony. >> that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, syrian state media today released pictures report reportedly showing president bashar al-assad alive after a bomb killed members of the inner circle. president bashar al-assad is shown swearing in the new defense minister but did not report when or where. we cannot confirm t
right now. we just heard from the president. the president says the tragedy reminds us how we are united as an american family. the next hour we expect to hear from governor mitt romney in new hampshire. he is quick to speak on this. just a few moments from now, we are going to speak to an eyewitness. that is coming out. first, trace gallagher has breaking details for us. reporter: when 24-year-old james holmes was arrested, he told authorities there were explosives inside his apartment. at first they thought they were not. i want to go back to the first shot. that is a brewing situation, because the authorities are telling us that it is, in fact, booby-trapped. they are just not sure how. they don't know if it's gas bombs or wired. you can see the fire department right now. they have evacuated the rest of the building and the police just told us a short time ago that this could be going on for days. people may be out of their apartment today and several days. also some nearby homes that have been evacuated inside that apartment -- you can see the broken windows. they found buckets and b
it never really happened. >> probably a good idea. thanks so much jim acosta in london for us. quick note, wolf is traveling to israel right now where he'll interview mitt romney. we'll have that right here monday on "the situation room." >>> president obama is doing his best to dim the spotlight using tools on a president has. chief white house koerpt jessica yellin has that part of the story. jessica, it's good to be president in an election year. >> reporter: sure, it can be, candy. look, the president he is far from london. but he is putting in a strong performance when it comes to trying to overshadow mitt romney's overseas trip. the obama campaign is getting in on the olympics competition sending the most popular member of their team to london. and spending a whopping $6.5 million during the summer games with ads like this. >> i believe that the way you grow the economy is from the middle out. >> reporter: just one way they're countering mitt romney's big european adventure. romney is taking heat for suggesting london may not be ready for the games. but the president, he's said to h
will be talking about health reform and what it means to people with substance use and mental disorders. joining us in our panel today are deb beck, president drug and alcohol service providers organization of pennsylvania; dr. richard frank, professor of health economics, department of healthcare policy, harvard medical school; patrick hendry, senior director of consumer advocacy, mental health america; john o'brien, senior advisor for behavioral health financing, substance abuse and mental health services administration, u.s. department of health and human services. john, healthcare reform, why was it necessary? what benefits are we going to see out of it? well, ivette, we have about 50 million individuals in this country who don't have any insurance at any given point in a year. a number of them use emergency rooms and/or hospitals and that has a very significant cost for both people who have insurance, as well as employers who pay for insurance. we spend about $17.2 billion dollars on uncompensated care for those individuals. we also know that there is a significant number of people with sub
is in london for us. jim, what's happening now with mitt romney? >> reporter: candy, mitt romney woke up to headlines he did not anticipate when he embarked on this overseas trip. but his campaign is confident he can clear the next hurdles ahead. mitt romney hit the reset button on his overseas charm offensive during his lone public meeting of the day in london he was asked by the leader of ireland about how he had to walk to the irish embassy due to the city's intense pre-olympic traffic. romney's response. romney is walking on egg shells and eager to please after he was blasted by british leaders for appearing to question london's readiness to host the olympic games dubbed the party pooper in the daily mail, mitt the twit in the sun, romney sidestepped the controversy in an interview with cnn's piers morgan. >> you've been criticized for knocking the british enthusiasm. are you feeling it now? >> well, i'm delighted to see the kind of support that has been around the torch for instance. >> reporter: the uproar in london reached its crescendo when the city's mayor taunted romney in fron
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the aurora police department to this incident. i want to thank the u.s. attorney's office and the attorney general's office for their support. with this many victims, we have two concerns. one is providing information that they need and providing resources they need. we will -- at this point in time victims should be contacting the aurora police department and looking for resources on the aurora police department website. as the case goes to court next week, they can contact -- we have set up a contact e-mail account so we can get information out as quickly as possible. we have resources available on our website. and i want to say that the aurora mental health center has agreed to stay open 24 hours a day for this weekend. people may feel fine now and may have a problem tomorrow. they may have a problem next week, several months down the line. but they should seek some counseling or resources if they have been victims. it's to be expected. if there are financial issues, that should not stop them. they should contact us for financial resources. we want to make sure we are getting out whatev
of drugs off u.s. streets. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> we begin with both presidential campaigns getting down and dirty on the low road as the candidates themselves try to stick to the high road. the latest examples, killer tv ad that the obama campaign is using to welcome so-called welcome mitt romney to pennsylvania. and a top romney's surrogates complaint that the president should "learn how to be an american." let's go to our white house correspondent, dan lothian, watching all of this unfold. we've been saying it's getting ugly. >> reporter: certainly right. the fireworks today. the president was in texas attending a total of fundraisers trying to camp up in the campaign cash. some of those were with small donors, others with big names like tv star eva longoria. but today was more about money. the president was also going after his opponent, mitt romney, for more details about his personal finances. it won't help create jobs. and it won't ease the pain of homeowners stuck in upside down mortgages, but the obama re-election campaign is convinced that qu
russia and china on the record, vetoing this resolution and, then, to try to shame them as u.s. arch to ambassador to the u.n. did. ought security coin has -- counsel has failed in its important task this year. this is another dark day in turtle bay. one can only hope that one day, before too many thousands more die, that russia and china will stop protecting assad. and allow this council to play its proper role at the center of the international response to the crisis in syria. >>jonathan: the truth of the matter is, does, in its failure to come to agreement on what to do about syria, the united nations has in essence, left itself irrelevant to events on the ground. >>shepard: there are those who suggest time is running out given the attack yesterday and the word from so many that the regime seems to be crumbling. >>jonathan: the events are moving so fast that is why diplomats are irrelevant to what is going on. president bashar al-assad seems to have two choices: flee or fight. for the moment, given the violence we have seen perpetrated against the rebels today in damascus, he is c
to such a sensitive part of the world, is that your comments are very closely scrutinized. >> reporter: here in the u.s., president obama spent the evening in new york raising money. he told 60 high-dollar donors that as the summer ends, he'll begin to lay out his plans for a second term in the white house. at the nomad hotel in manhattan, the president said he would use the last 99 days until election day to let voters know not just what they're voting against, but also what they're voting for. >> it's a scary time to be a woman. >> reporter: the president also defended the use of negative ads, saying presidential elections are historically messy. now, in poland, the leadership of solidarity has distanced itself from romney's visit and came out with a statement critical of him, calling him antiunion. terrell? >> susan mcginnis in washington starting us off this morning. susan, thank you so much. >>> on capitol hill, house and senate negotiators have reached a deal on new economic sanctions against iran. they're aimed at iran's energy and shipping business, particularly involving oil sales. the u.s. ho
discussed. one that is significant for us and for your public is there will be a limiting order not quite a full gag order, but something that will include something like a gag order, information released to the press and therefore to the public. so a lot of what's in the search warrant will not be made public for a long time as this point. and from this point forward, charges one week from now and then the schedule of a preliminary hearing at which time there will be some testimony taken probably from tr both sides just as to establish there is probable cause for an arraignment. and then at that point a couple things will kick in. we'll hear about -- the clock will start for the prosecution during which they have to decide whether to go for death. and the defense will have to determine and say at arraignment when they have to enter a plea, not guilty by reason of in-issay insanity. likely be examinations. perhaps committed to the state hospital. and then a determination about whether he can assist in his own defense, understands the charges against him or needs to be restored to sanity.
. bill: if you live in virginia, watching tv get used to these ads, man. also in the virginia the threat of these automatic spending cuts facing the military which is a big issue in the southeastern part of that state how does it play, bill? >> reporter: no question, bill. the norfolk area has the world's largest naval base. automatic defense cuts due to start in the new year would cut the navy to the smallest it has been since 1915. you have tens of thousands of defense contractors who are expecting they will be getting layoff notice unless congress and white house can work out a deal to offset these defense cuts. so there is great anxiety in virginia about these pending defense cuts. recent surveys suggest virginia is number one in the country in terms of defense spending in its state. republicans are saying to president obama where is your plan to deal with these defense cuts. bill? bill: mike you, thank you. to our viewers at home, hear a lot about virginia. it flipped in 2008. we had not seen that in 40 years. go back to 2008 on the map. red is republican. blue is democrat. blue is
that it was to create jobs here in the u.s. now, when you talk to experts, they will tell you that it likely created jobs overseas as well but doesn't exactly meet the exact definition of taking a job here in the states and moving it overseas, wolf. >> so do you get the sense that the white house officials, obama campaign leaders are beginning to feel a little heat on this sensitive subject? >> reporter: well, i think it distracted today from what president obama wanted to talk about because obviously talking about the tax cuts for those making under $250,000 really moves they feel forward his message about fairness and fighting for the middle class. i think this is a distraction. but i also think we're waiting to see how long this continues to get attention. and then we'll really see if they're very concerned about it, wolf. >> brianna keilar at the white house. thanks. let's dig deeper with gloria borger, our chief political analyst. are we going to get more pushback from the white house on this whole issue of the president being outsourcer in chief? >> yeah. i think you're going to get pushback f
. the chair of the naacp's national board said members objected to romney's use of the term obama care, a buzz word coined by the critics. >> that was a loaded statement. and the crowd erupted in displeasure. >> they booed. people booed here. >> they absolutely booed. >> reporter: the romney campaign said the reaction came as no surprise. consider the latest gallup survey shows the gop contender trailing president obama by an 87% to 5% margins. romney brought his own numbers. the african-american unemployment rate at 14%, it's well above the national rate. but when he made the case that he's the right candidate to fix that, he was booed again. >> if you want a president who will make things better in the african-american community, you are looking at him. you take a look. >> reporter: romney did hear cheers when he hinted at his opposition to gay marriage. >> i will defend traditional marriage. [ applause ] >> reporter: the outburst did not sit well with everyone in the audience. some naacp members defended their booing. >> he literally came into our house and attacked the issues that are impo
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